Sennen Community Centre

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Booking Details

There are three ways you can book the community centre

Booking Online

By far the quickest and easiest way of booking the community centre is via our online booking portal.

Making A Booking

To Book online

  1. Check out the halls availability timetable
  2. Make sure you select your desired room from the drop down option
  3. Check the date you wish to hire, use the < > arrows to move to the next / previous months.
  4. If available for the time you wish to book, simply click on the “+” icon located on the date you wish to book
  5. Then follow the onscreen instructions
  6. You will need to create an account on your first booking.
  7. Once you have filled out the booking form your booking must be confirmed by an admin before your booking is shown on the calendar.
  8. You will receive a booking confirmation email once it has been conformed
  9. An invoice will be emailed to you once you have attended your booking which will explain how to pay for your booking.

How To Amend or Cancel A Booking

To Amend a booking online
  1. Log in to your Hallmaster account which you created when you initially made your booking.
  2. Click on “bookings” either from the dashboard or from the menu.
  3. You will see a list of current active booking you have.
  4. Find the booking you wish to amend and click on the icon located to the far right hand side of the booking.

To Amend your booking simply update the booking details to match your desired request. Make sure to click the green “Request Changes” button at the bottom of the form for the changes to be saved.

To cancel your booking Simply click on the red “cancel booking” button near the top of the form and follow the instructions. NOT to be confused with the red “cancel change request” button at the bottom of the form.

Phone Bookings

You can also book the community centre by phone.
  1. Call Wynne on 07934420457

Bookings By Email

You can book the community by sending your booking request via email.

  1. Booking via email can be sent here
  2. you will receive a confirmation email once your booking is confirmed.
  3. If you don’t receive a booking confirmation within a few hours please check your junk folder.
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