Sennen Community Centre

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How to gain access to the hall

IMPORTANT INFORMATION About gaining entry to the hall

Assuming you have made a booking to hire the hall you may wonder how you actually get in as often you will find the hall locked. Once you have made a booking and had it confirmed you will receive an email with all the important booking information attached which includes everything from how to access the hall, the wifi password and the location of the equipment, so please keep it safe. 

Access To The Venue

There is a key safe situated outside of the main door, the code to open this will be contained within your booking confirmation email. There is a cover which when pulled down reveals the number combination, Once you have entered the code pull the little black switch downwards to unlock the key safe. Once unlocked and the main door opened please replace the key in the key safe, close the key safe door so that it clicks shut, then  scramble the combination code.

Security Alarm

There is now a motion sensor situated inside the main door, if the alarm is set the alarm will sound shortly after you enter the hall, If the alarm doesn’t sound when you enter the hall it means the alarm is not set and you don’t need to do anything. To silence the alarm, enter the code which is given to you in your booking confirmation email on the key pad situated on the wall just inside of the main door, this should disarm the alarm, if it doesn’t stop re-enter the code again. 

Leaving The Building

After you have completed your activity and come to leave the venue please make sure all lights are turned off and the venue is left tidy. If you are leaving the venue after 8pm please set the alarm, to do this type in the same code used to deactivate it on to the keypad (again this is included within your booking confirmation email) and it should prompt you to set the alarm, press yes to confirm. You should hear a chime from the alarm letting you know it is set, after approximately 30 seconds the chime will stop and the alarm is active.

Please ensure both of the main doors are locked. Once the key is back in the keysafe please ensure you scramble the combination code and shut the cover.

Accessibility Ramp

The accessibility ramp is stored in the toilet/changing room located just inside the front door, the room is locked and the key is located on top of the fire alarm control panel at the bottom of the stairs on a black lanyard.


Equipment is provided to play the following games at the venue: pickleball, squash, badminton, racketball and table tennis. The squash and racketball equipment can be found in the foyer in a plastic box under the table. The pickleball and badminton equipment is located in the space between the main hall and the kitchen. The table tennis equipment is located in the room upstairs  All equipment provided is included in your booking costs.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is available to all our users, the wifi name is Community Centre WiFi and the password is s3nn3nCC (case sensitive)

Floor Care

Please ensure you are wearing non marking shoes in both our main hall and squash court, if you are unsure it’s usually best if you don’t wear trainers with a black sole as these tend to mark the floor the most. Both floors have recently undergone extensive maintenance and we kindly ask for your due care and consideration when using the hall to ensure the floor is well maintained.

Any Problems

Please contact us on 07934420457 usually best via text message as we currently don’t have a dedicated booking officer who can always take calls. Alternativly send us an email at We will do our best to get back to you asap.

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